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Business Consulting

We advise businesses from startup to dissolution. During each phase of your businesses life cycle we're available to guide you through each scenario and help you create operational and tax savings strategies.


Starting your own business can be overwhelming. There's required documentation and processes that have to be followed at the Federal, State and Local levels. We'd love to help guide you through all the hurdles of starting your business, so you can focus on operations to generate income. The following are some considerations when starting your own business:

  • File your businesses' Articles with the State

  • Apply for an EIN

  • Open a business bank account

  • Register with your County if required

  • Register with your City if required

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Business Structure

Determining which legal and tax business structure to utilize is an important consideration in starting a business. Should you form an LLC, S corporation, C corporation or partnership? It all depends on your unique circumstances, but choosing the wrong structure can have serious legal and tax consequences. Call today and schedule your free consultation so that we can guide you in the right direction.

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